The Most Famous Conspiracies

Are you wondering what the most famous and popular conspiracy theories are? Here is our list of those conspiracies.

Plum Island Conspiracy

Plum Island is a heavily protected research lab studying animal disease. It is located on the East Coast of the United States. Conspiracy theorists believe that a variety of monstrosities and diseases (e.g. Lyme disease and the Montauk Monster) have escaped from this island. A number of theorists including a gentleman named Nelson DeMille have written books about this topic. The theory recounts suspicions of human experimentation and the idea that leading Nazi virologists have assisted in the development of biological weapons at the lab.

Agenda 21 Conspiracy

Agenda 21 is a proposed United Nations plan to implement sustainable development worldwide. It is a nonbinding plan that was arrived at during the course of the UN Earth Summit conference in 1992. Conspiracy theorists believe that the intent of this plan is to co-opt governments and create a New World Order (NWO) and to depopulate the world. Theorists believe that the plan will impose rules as to where people can live and how land can be used.

Princess Diana Conspiracy

Speculation regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of Princess Diana has been in existence since 1997 when Dodi Fayed put forth the idea that rogue elements of the British Secret Service had taken it upon themselves to decide that the relationship between the Princess and Fayed threatened the British monarchy and Britain itself. As the theory goes, rogue agents were driving a white Fiat Uno purposely blinded and disoriented the driver of Diana’s limousine (Henri Paul). After the fatal crash in a Paris underpass, the rogue agents dispersed a sample of blood from an intoxicated person into the wreckage to make it seem that Paul was drunk.

FEMA Conspiracy

According to this theory, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has established a series of concentration camps in various areas of the United States in order to impose martial law upon US citizens and kill off millions of them. Believers in this conspiracy point to the fact that of government owned plastic coffins that are stored in full view in a location in Atlanta Georgia. Adherents postulate that the current financial crisis will be taken advantage of as a way of justifying imposing a police state.

CERN Conspiracy

This is a theory arrived at by a man named Anthony Patch. It consists of the notion that at the beginning of the autumnal equinox in the autumn of 2015 (September 23, 2015) the Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland will commence colliding large groups of lead hadrons (17 million at 287 TeV). The theory is that this will impact millions of quarks with every collision. The quarks will be accelerated at the speed of light and will acquire relativistic mass. This will make them heavier strange quarks and create a substance known as strangelet. This unstable substance will cause a “big bang” reaction which will turn the earth into a pulsar.

Lizard People Conspiracy

According to this theory, the movers and shakers around the world (Oscar-winning actors, Grammy-winning singers, corporate executives, politicians, the royal family, the Pope and other world leaders) are actually extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids that are capable of shifting shape. These humanoids eat flesh and drink blood and are responsible for a great deal of tragedy throughout history. Examples include the Oklahoma City bombing, the Holocaust, the 9/11 attacks and more. This theory is the brainchild of a new age philosopher named David Icke who is well known for wearing only turquoise and insisting upon being addressed as “Son of God Head”.

Pearl Harbor Conspiracy

This is an idea put forth by people who believe that FDR actually provoked the attack on Pearl Harbor. They state that he had full knowledge of it in advance of the fact and did not warn fleet commanders. They posit that the reason for this was that the attack was necessary in order to provoke Hitler to declare war against the US. Without this provocation, Congress and the American public would have remained entirely against entering World War II. Theorists say that the governments of the Soviet Union, Korea, Peru, Australia, Britain and the Netherlands all warned the US of the attack, but their warnings were unheeded.

Kurt Cobain Conspiracy

According to this conspiracy theory, the death of singer, Kurt Cobain who was found dead in his home in 1994 was not a suicide (as it was officially ruled). Theorists believe that he was murdered, and many point fingers at his wife, Courtney Love.

Atlantean Conspiracy

This conspiracy is also known as the Flat Earth conspiracy. This is the belief that the earth is actually flat because it seems to be so. Flat earthers proclaim the idea that the world is round to be the “round Earth conspiracy”. They state that this conspiracy is constructed by government agencies such as NASA. They roundly denied all evidence that the earth is not flat.

Zionist Conspiracy

This is the belief in the validity of the information found in the document known as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This document consists of instructions directed at new members of the Elders. These instructions describe how the elders plan to rule the world by controlling finance and the media. The instructions outline a systematic replacement of the traditional social order through the use of clever mass manipulation.

Freemasons Conspiracy

There are numerous Freemason conspiracies. Some are political; some are religious and some are cultural. The basis of them is that Freemasons and the Knights Templar are devil worshipers (and/or lizard people) intent upon ruling the world by controlling politics, religion and/or culture by infiltrating the structures that shape these aspects of life.

Bilderberg Conspiracy

This is a catch-all version of the New World Order and Illuminati conspiracies which also encompass the Freemason conspiracy and the lizard conspiracy. This is the notion that secretive and powerful groups plot and scheme to rule the world through a unified world government. Theorists believe that a number of historical events were engineered by these groups which use peer-based propaganda, mind control, social engineering and political and financial influence to attain their goals. Theorists believe that a number of iconic symbols and works of art actually represent the groups collaborating in this New World Order scheme. Examples include the pyramid that is found on the reverse of the US great seal, murals found in the Denver International Airport and pentagrams that can be found in Denver city plans. Organizations believed to be members coordinating in this effort include NATO, the United Nations, the European Union, the IMF and the World Bank.

Columbine Conspiracy

Theorists intent upon believing that the school shooting that occurred in Columbine Colorado in 1999 was something other than the work of two troubled and disturbed youths (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold ) have put forth a variety of theories surrounding this event. Among them are:

  • Shooter Harris was secretly a Nazi sympathizer and upon finding that Klebold was half Jewish, he shot him at the end of the massacre.
  • Following the incident inside the school, police shot at students fleeing the school in order to keep them quiet.
  • The entire episode was actually an inside job aimed at thwarting an upcoming concealed carry vote; thereby giving the government authorities more power.
  • The unreleased basement tapes from the school contain vital information that is being covered up.
  • There was a third shooter named Robert Perry.

Beatles Conspiracy

Before the breakup of the Beatles, the rumor “Paul is dead” was quite common. The theory was that Paul had actually died in a car wreck in 1966. It was said that he had been replaced by someone who looked and sounded like him. As evidence of this theory, fans sought and found clues in Beatles recordings. These included symbolic language in lyrics and sounds that were supposedly heard when songs were played backward. Additionally, imagery on album covers (e.g. Paul’s bare-footedness on the cover of the Abbey Road album and the fact that his back is turned in the backside illustration of the Sgt. Pepper album) was said to provide proof that Paul was dead.

Holocaust Conspiracy

People who deny the Holocaust asserts that the Nazis never had a policy of exterminating the Jews and that the 6 million Jews who were killed actually never died. They further assert that the poison gas chambers found at Auschwitz-Birkenau camp do not exist. This theory also takes shape in a somewhat lesser form when theorists purport that the number of Jews killed is exaggerated or that the Jews did not die from being murdered, but rather they just starved to death or died of disease. Other proponents of this theory declare that the diary of Anne Frank is inauthentic.

Michael Jackson Conspiracy

This theory began before the death of Michael Jackson had even been confirmed. When it was known that there was a problem and that he might be seriously ill, many people suggested that he might be faking because he had feigned illness in the past due to anxiety about upcoming performances. Even following the confirmation of his death, theories surfaced suggesting that he had faked his death in order to abscond with a large amount of cash. Other theories flew about on social media and included such diverse conjecture as that he had feigned his death in order to escape the “media bandwagon” and that he had been murdered through the use of an experimental biological weapon. In addition to these rather unlikely speculations, there was some valid concern due to the fact that the singer’s doctor was present at the time of his death and was apparently unable to help Jackson or to confirm the death in a timely manner.

Flight 93 Conspiracy

According to this theory, flight 93 did not crash on 9/11 after the crew was overcome by terrorists who were then engaged in battle by passengers. Instead, the plane was destroyed purposely by a heat-seeking missile that was fired from a mysterious white plane (thought to be an F-16). According to some theorists, there were not actually any terrorists on board the plane and the passengers were drugged. Another theory (the bumble-plane theory) conjectures that the passengers from Flights 11, 77 and 175 were all loaded onto Flight 93 in order to make it convenient for the US government to kill them.

Mars Conspiracy

There are good many conspiracy theories regarding the planet Mars. Some of the most popular are:

  • Craters on Mars are proof that NASA has dropped nuclear bombs on Mars in order to eliminate and cover-up all evidence of life on Mars.
  • Photos sent from the Mars Land Rover depict a bunker and a Martian soldier.
  • The land structure that resembles a face is proof of life on Mars.
  • NASA is lying about the evidence of water recently found on Mars.
  • A Martian rock formation is actually a fossilized iguana.
  • NASA is concealing information about life on Mars.

Chemtrail Conspiracy

Contrails are streams of condensed water vapor and / or ice crystals that appear behind aircraft. Conspiracy theorists believe that these are actually made of biological agents or chemicals that are being sprayed deliberately at high altitudes for an unknown purpose. This belief is speculated about and announced by right-wing radio hosts along with the theory that the sprayed chemicals represent an aspect of the New World Order.

Newburgh Conspiracy

This is a historical event that occurred in 1783. It was a plan arrived at by officers in the Continental Army for the purpose of challenging the Confederation Congress. The reason that this plan took place was that there was a great deal of frustration around the inability and/or refusal of Congress to meet the financial needs of the Army. The officers conspired to attempt to force Congress to fund military needs. In the beginnings of an uprising, an anonymous letter (which may have come from political actors within Congress) was circulated in an army camp located in Newburgh NY. The letter urged soldiers who were dissatisfied with pay and conditions to take unspecified actions against Congress. George Washington was able to avert the uprising by appealing to officers’ better nature. Soon after that, Congress approved a compromise that had previously been rejected. This compromise granted soldiers a pension consisting of five years of full pay instead of a lifetime of half pay.