Mars Conspiracy: Is there life on Mars?

Mars Conspiracy: Is there Life on Mars?


To date, there has been no proof that life exists on Mars. Because of the close proximity of Mars to Earth, and the similarity of its mineral profile, it has been the subject of much speculation. There is much evidence to suggest that the surface of Mars does, in fact, contain water. Because all Earth organisms require water to survive, the National American Space Agency (NASA) establishes whether or not life may exist by searching planets for signs of water. There are many similarities between Mars and Earth:

  • The length of a day on Mars is similar to a day on Earthquake
  • The tilting of its axis is similar to Earth’s, meaning it experiences seasons in the same way Earth does.
  • Mars has Polar Ice caps.

A recent find by NASA on 22nd December 2016 found a large amount of underground ice, as well as long streaks of damp soil, which means there is water on the planet which was once thought dry and uninhabitable. This is significant in that it means that Mars is capable of being the home to micro-organisms, and therefore life in general. This is not to suggest that there is life on Mars, just that it is now possible that there could be. Scientists also found proof of a complex form of organics, the type which contain carbon, the building block of life, in 2014. More evidence that life on Mars is possible.

Is there Life on Mars?

Astronomer, Percival Lawrence Lowell
Astronomer, Percival Lawrence Lowell

The idea that there was life on Mars initially started with the observations of astronomer Percival Lowell, who claimed he saw canals on the surface of Mars. This led to the writing of the popular fiction novel War of the World by British author H.G. Wells, along with other works of fiction depicting attacks from Martians. This brought the idea into the public awareness. In the 1960’s and the 1970’s this theory was disproven by satellites orbiting around the atmosphere of Mars. A soil sample brought back by one of these satellites, Viking 1, evidence that there was no life on Mars. This sample has since been disproven. The possibility of finding life on on the interior of Mars is actually quite high, according to the Professor of Planetary Geology at the University of Arizona, Alfred Mcewen.


It is worth noting that NASA does not know the minimum number of parameters that are needed to sustain life. They do know that some combination of water, chemical environment, energy for metabolism and conductive physical conditions are needed. These are fundamental to all organisms, who consists of water, need a surplus of nutrients, a minority of toxins such as heavy metals, oxidants/reductants for metabolism and appropriate physical conditions such as pressure, PH, temperature etc. It is important to note that science operates on what is currently known. Thus there could be life forms which survive without one or all of the above. In this case all of NASA’s parameters with regard to the existence of life could be thrown off,

Human Life on Mars

When NASA sends probes and astronauts to space, there is a large chance that it will actually propagate life on Mars. This is because humans are contaminants, and when they travel to distant planets they carry small amounts of biological organisms. The same follows for spacecraft and satelites. Thus the possibility has arisen that they might find life which were brought by probes decades ago and jump to multiple incorrect conclusions about life on Mars. The original Martian landing probes were heated to over 230 degrees Fahrenheit for up to half an hour. The probes were encased in a ceramic sheath before being “baked” This process is known as burden reduction. No Astronauts have been sent to Mars as of yet.

There is speculation from theorists that life may exist on Mars. Then there are claims by many, many conspiracy theorists that there is and always has been life on Mars.

There was Life on Mars

Mars the Red Planet - Craters

An Indian probe has caught images of Mars that appeared to show a crater on its surface. This has prompted many to speculate that there was life on Mars at one stage, which was all destroyed due to a nuclear attack. This has been propagated not only by far out theorists but also by physicists and astrobiologists. The nuclear isotopes in the atmosphere of Mars are said to resemble those of hydrogen bombs on Earth.

Life on Mars: It’s the Left

Right Wing Talkshow host Rush Limbaugh has indicated that all news of life on Mars stems from a left wing Agenda. He purports that there is no water on Mars and that this has been made up by the Left.

”What’s to stop them from making up something that happened on Mars that will help advance their left-wing agenda on this planet?” Limbaugh state on his show.

He has assumed connections between a left wing agenda, climate change and life on Mars. He contends that there may have once been life on Mars and that dubious science was used to promote Climate change on earth. This theory is dubious at best.

Martian City Published

One of the more current Martian theories circulating the internet is that a picture on the NASA website shows a Martian city with an apartment building. The fact that the photo in question was published as a thumbnail and not in high-resolution format prompted many to suggest that it was a cover up. This does not seem rational given that they could have simply not uploaded the picture at all. The primary driving force behind this allegation is UFO hunter Scott Waring.

Martians City Illustration

Waring enhanced the photo and put it on his blog. According to Waring buildings were seen with windows and doors. Contenders have claimed that this is a standard human logical inconsistency to see what they want in pictures and images in unusual contexts to make sense of what they see. After all, there is nothing whatsoever to suggest that Extra-Terrestrial life would inhabit buildings with doors and windows.

Mars is an Alien Outpost

Canadian Andre Gignac has claimed that a bunker can be seen in a picture taken by the Mars Rover “Opportunity”. The bunker allegedly contains armed Aliens peering out of it. He claimed the bunker to be a corridor leading to another corridor, and that in close proximity to the bunker are missiles and nuclear arms. He also claimed that multiple bunkers have been found in previous NASA pictures. NASA have refuted these claims by stating that they are caused by shadows or lack of resolution. There are reports online of an anonymous “whistleblower” going by the pseudonym Captain Kaye who allegedly spent 17 years serving at a military camp on Mars. The base is located within a crater and is known as Ares Prime. The air on Mars is apparently breathable and it is sometimes warm on the surface. According to “Captain Kaye” there are two highly advanced species on Mars. One is related the conspiracy theory that is absolutely impossible to get away from – the Reptile race. The Reptiles are reported as being hostile and fiercely defensive of their territory. The other group were indigenous Martians and the relations between them and the humans was reported to be neutral. They were not interested in expanding their territory, only in maintaining it. Kaye describes a battle to recover an artifact in the territory of the Reptiles and reports that only him and 27 others escape. Other “Whistleblowers” include the great-granddaughter of President Eisenhower, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, who claims that efforts were made to recruit her to join a colony on Mars, as well as Micheal Relfe, alleging that he spent over 20 years on duty on Mars.

Other Martian speculation

There are countless theories with regard to life on Mars. A picture released by NASA appears to contain a picture of a human working on the Mars Range rover with no helmet on. This has led some to suggest that NASA engages in extra-terrestrial officers. There have been many claims of animals and animal fossils on Mars from pictures released by NASA. One picture allegedly shows a rat between two rocks. However scientists have said that the temperature on the surface of Mars if too cold for these types of animals to survive. There is alleged evidence of Egyptian pyramids on the surface of Mars, that there is a rock shaped exactly like Barack Obama’s head, that Mars is, in fact, a nuclear outpost stocked with nuclear arms and Extra-Terrestrial mercenaries, and that NASA photos show a miniature woman watching the space probes as they operate. There are also claims of T-Rex Fossils as well as bones and fossils of Extra-Terrestrials, Alien Lizards and ET coffins found on the planet. Many claim that NASA timed the announcement of the findings of water on Mars to coincide with release of the Movie “The Martian” which tells the story of an astronaut stranded on Mars who manages to grow life and survive.

The only source of evidence of any claims about Mars are from pictures and statements given to the public by NASA. Thus all that is available is only speculation.

Scientific Response to Mars ET claims

The brain has evolved to be able to distinguish faces and other significant objects in crowds and within the environment in general. This is known as Pareidolia, and it is claimed that humans use this to enrich the imagination and to see things that are simply not there. Another theory contends that humans cannot deal with logical gaps and thus tend to make up things that fit, in order to maintain a stable existential framework. It’s hard for many to admit they do not know or are not sure about anything; thus alternative theories are invented to instigate themselves as a person who knows the way things actually operate, as opposed to dealing with the fact that the typical human knows relatively little about Space, physics or Extra-Terrestrial lifeforms.

It is possible that life does exist on Mars, and NASA has made this it’s prime objective. This possibility is slim given the small amount of water available. No life has been found as of yet, and until life is found any claims are fraud or speculation, based on third-hand information gained from photos published by the National American Space Agency.


There are many documentaries about Mars Conspiracies, Life on Mars as well as space documentaries about Mars itself. Below are just some of the documentaries that might be interesting to watch.

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