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Illuminati Conspiracy

Illuminati Conspiracy USA

The Illuminati Conspiracy seems to be the central hub of a host of numerous other Conspiracy theories. Because of the various offshoots and different beliefs about the Illuminati Conspiracy it is difficult to give an accurate summary of what it actually entails. What is generally accepted is that an organization called the Illuminati was established in 1776 by Adam Weischaupt, with the aims of putting an end to injustice and to oppose the abuse of State power and religious influence over public life. While this seems like a legitimate aim the accusations relating to the workings of this secret society have grown exponentially with each passing year. The group was swiftly outlawed by the Bavarian ruler with the encouragement of the Catholic Church. A central theme across all Illuminati Conspiracy Theories is that there is a group of elitists who desire to control and manipulate the population and control all resources including media, education and finance, as well as having near total control of church and state.

New World Order

The term “New World Order” is used to describe modern efforts of the 21st century Illuminati. The New World Order relates to a system of world wide totalitarian government. The theory goes that the Illuminati want a unified world where they control all the resources. Thus their would be a new world where everything would be centralized. One government, One Currency, One set of Laws, One Education System, One Media Outlet. In this fashion it would be easier to govern. Centralization would make it easier to control the masses. If people were all to go through the same education system, with the same laws, and watch the same media and use the same currency, then they will by and large be the same products produced from the same system, if the psychological theory that we are all products of our environments happens to be true.


Decentralization is said to be the antithesis to much of the plans of the New World Order/Illuminati as it is not possible to control multitudes of sovereign states. As soon as one rebellion is quashed another would start, thus the identity of the sovereign state would have to be diminished via a “we are all one” propaganda campaign. The destruction of the identity of the countries would lead to subservience under the guise of unity. British futurist and writer H.G. Wells described the plans of the New World Order as synonymous with that of a centrally planned socialist worldwide state in the 1940’s. If this was the case then Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the United States was a huge setback to the globalist agenda, where countries would become unions and federations and then merge to become one world organizations. The New World Order was mentioned by Woodrow Wilson, George Bush and Winston Churchill in various instances, and is perhaps one of the more plausible of the Illuminati Conspiracy links.

Control via Finances

Linked heavily with the Illuminati Conspiracy is that of the Bankers enslaving the world through debt. Debt slavery is not a new phenomenon, and many people firmly believe that debt is necessary for financing and that more wealth is created through debt policies. The economic framework upon which the West relies is called Keynesianism, and its basis is that via the issue of debt, more wealth is generated as spending money increases the Gross Domestic Produce of the economy. The main opposition group to this theory is the Von Mises Institute. Proponents of Von Mises believe that spending money stimulates the economy in the short term only, and that all Keynesian roads end in Recession. Aside from Economic theory there appear to be more sinister concerns.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” — Thomas Jefferson, 1802

The foundation of the financial world

The financial world is based upon derivatives and the banks ability to lend out far more money than they actually have. It seems to be akin to a magic trick, as they effectively loan out money that does not actually exist. On this loan is generated debt, thus the banks actually profit by lending money which has not been created, generate income on the debt via interest, and really cash in when there is a recession, repossessing houses at a fraction of what they are worth via lending money they never really owned by power granted to them via an elite aristocracy. This would be how the conspirators phrase the links between the Illuminati and the banking scandal, and while there is quite a lot of things wrong with the banking system, a more nuanced view might take account of the fact that some amount of capital is needed to generate wealth, just nowhere near the unprecedented levels they are at right now.

Illuminati Symbols

Conspiracy proponents are claiming that Illuminati symbols are constantly in plain sight. It is alleged that by putting the symbols in plain sight, individuals are giving subconscious consent to be ruled.

The All Seeing Eye

Eye of Providence aka Illuminati Eye or All Seeing Eye

Eye of Providence aka Illuminati Eye or All Seeing Eye

The All seeing eye on the pyramid or the “Eye of Providence” is the most commonly seen Illuminati symbol, and is even included on American Dollar Bills, along with the word “A New Order for the Ages” (Novos Ordo Seclorum , in Latin). The eye is thought to represent the eye of Lucifer or the eye of Horus and is floating over an unfinished pyramid, as the Illuminati’s work is never quite complete. Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI (1776) appear at the base, the year the Illuminati was founded. The great eye is also mentioned in Lord of the Rings. The official and logical explanation is that the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed in 1776, the all seeing eye represents God’s omnipresent in the universe and the pyramid is unfinished because America is always working towards perfection.

Inverted Pyramid

Inverted Pyramid is said to be one of the Illuminati Hand gestures.

Inverted Pyramid is said to be one of the Illuminati Hand symbols.

The inverted pyramid is another common symbol used often by heavy metal bands and is undoubtedly one of the most prolific symbols of satanism. By inverting a symbol the opposite meaning is attached, and the pentagram is deemed a symbol of white magic, often associated with Christianity, the five senses or the five wounds of the Christ. With the single point upward it depicts the mastery of the Spirit over the 4 elements of matter. When inverted it represents the power of the body over the soul or spiritual body, often used by followers of the Left Hand Path, Satanists and black magicians, and often associated with Free Masonry. Conspiracy proponents often cite the fact that the U.S Medal of Valor is an inverted pyramid.


A-OK sign is also associated with Illuminati Conspiracy as many believe it means never ending search for light etc

A-OK sign is also associated with Illuminati Conspiracy as many believe it means never ending search for light, etc.

The “A-ok” hand sign is touted by conspiracy theorists as a standard Illuminati sign, known as the 666 sign. Yes, this is the sign used by divers to communicate that everything is running smoothly. The rationale given by the occultists is that the three fingers are representative of the unholy trinity – the horned god, goddess and antichrist. The circle is symbolic of the sun deity and the Illuminati’s never ending search for more light. Another alleged hand sign is the sign of the horns, used often by presidents, heavy metal bands and celebrities, with the index and little finger pointing out and the middle and ring finger curled inwards. This is supposed to represent the horns of Satan and is apparently a salute to Satan himself. If this holds ground it would appear we are all part of the Illuminati – Who hasn’t used the a-ok sign?

Who are the Illuminati

Baphomet, Illuminati God

Baphomet, Illuminati God

Many celebrities, financiers and members of the aristocracy have been claimed as Illuminati members including Jim Carry, George Soros, Lady Gaga, The Pope, Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Kanye West, Ben Bernanke, Bob Dylan, Rihanna and Beyonce. Needless to say the claims need to be taken with a grain of salt. The reasons behind the claim vary significantly. One of the main claims is that of the symbolism typically associated with the Illuminati. This explains the inclusion of celebrity members such as Lady Gaga and Jay-Z. The video for one of Lady Gaga’s releases, born this way, features a goat’s head which is allegedly representative of the god Baphomet. Jay-Z often makes the sign of an inverted triangle with his hands. Donald Trump and Barack Obama are both allegedly member of the Illuminati as both have used the sign of the horns.

The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg group is a group of powerful elites who meet once a year to discuss world affairs. This group is accused of being the shadow government of the world and at their annual meeting discuss issues relating to the world population, cyber security, technology and terrorism. Officially it is a closed door meeting where leaders in industry and academia can discuss world affairs. Centenarian David Rockefeller, an adviser to the group, is said to have a significant influence on the agenda and who gets invited. In 2014 at the annual meeting the closing statements mentioned the issue of overpopulation on the planet and how to stop the increase of the global population. This led many theorists to lump the Bilderberg group in with the Illuminati and that the the main theme of the Bilderberg annual meetings is global depopulation. The chairman also allegedly talked about reducing the mass population to “classical slave wages” and reducing the population under the guise of transhumanism. While these sort of claims can be viewed with skepticism, surely an organization where presidents, billionaires, prime ministers, established families and aristocracy sit side by side to discuss world affairs represents, at the very least, a conflict of interest.

Other Illuminati Conspiracy theories

There are numerous other Illuminati Conspiracy theories which can’t be given too much consideration, given their unsubstantiated and unlikely nature. There is the Illuminati Cloning Conspiracy, where the Illuminati regularly clone celebrities, and that the Queen of England is herself a clone. This particular conspiracy came from a man called Donald Marshall, who claims to have been a clone himself and to have seen the cloning center.

A more popular theory believed by an astoundingly large group of people is that of an Extra-Terrestrial Reptile Alien race governing man kind by taking human form or by bribing/threatening individuals in positions of power. This theory originated with an Englishman called David Icke, who has for some reason made numerous books and documentaries on the issue. He also claimed to be Jesus Christ on live television.

Another Illuminati Conspiracy claims that the headquarters of Satan are located in the Vatican where satanic rituals take place under neath the very ground where a Catholic mass is undertaken. Every sort of criminal and satanic activity that can be thought of has been lain at the feet of the Illuminati – from organ harvesting, satanic rituals involving blood sacrifice, pedophilia, sex trafficking, torture, murders, bribery and mind control.


In conclusion, it seems that Illuminati started out as an enlightenment group in 1776, was rapidly shut down and now has been used by conspiracy theorists ever since. Any group of elites who meet in secret seems to be deemed “Illuminati”. Any group alleged to have a depopulation or mass subjugation agenda are also deemed to be Illuminati, as are anyone who uses certain usually innocuous hand signs.

There may be some merit to the New World Order as there does appear to be a globalist agenda involving consolidated power at the top with a merging of countries. Aliens, Reptiles, and subconscious symbolism will have to be left aside for now.

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