Best Conspiracy Theories of 2017
Best Conspiracy Theories of 2017

Best Conspiracy Theories of 2017 – War on Cash to War with Aliens

2017 Conspiracy Theories

Below is a list of Five of the Best Conspiracy Theories of 2017. By best what is meant is the most famous or prominent. The election of President Trump has made the international balance of power more tenable. It has also outlined the weaknesses within the U.S intelligence and political factions, with much infighting and little cohesion. Along with the Trump travel ban and Russian relations, the world is a much more unstable place, and this sets the tone for more plausible conspiracy theories in 2017.

Alien Appearances

Alien Appearances in 2017

Of the best conspiracy theories of 2017, an alien invasion or alien appearance appears the least likely, for obvious reasons. 2017 is touted by many conspiracy theorists as being the year Aliens will make an appearance. There have been many apparent sightings, especially in Asia. However, upon further investigation, the videos and testimonies usually fall apart. Some say an alien invasion is imminent, others that the aliens come in peace and will just reveal themselves to the human race so that they are not frightened by a sudden appearance. The theory suggests that aliens have been living with us and above us in space since the beginning of human existence, and with the singularity approaching human awareness has gotten to a point where they may be able to tolerate the myriad alien species. Their technology and spiritual capabilities are said to be vastly beyond human science and comprehension. Apparently, a set of leaked document claims that an alien invasion of Earth is imminent. A highly classified video apparently shows that Obama had a meeting with Putin in which he warned that an Alien invasion was imminent and that Earth would be under Alien control by September 2017. NASA has not officially mentioned anything about an Alien invasion. Apparently, Obama was asking for Putin’s consent to a global missile defense system. If a highly advanced extraterrestrial force is orbiting the earth, it is probably best to wait before attacking them with redundant missiles.

World Wide Depopulation

Depopulation Conspiracy in 2017

A mix of conspiracy theories is going to occur as the elites have decided they have the infrastructure to do as they please. They will set out an agenda of worldwide depopulation which will involve terrorist attacks, false flags, world wars, diseases, an abolition of cash and nuclear bombs. After the nuclear bombs and mass destruction they can fully instigate more laws and controls, and the people will flock to them and give them more taxes and give all their liberties away to protect them from the other perceived threat. To the socialists, it would be the capitalists, to people in the West it would be people in the East, and to Christians, it would be Muslims, always a media induced fear to be fought against. The ultimate conspiracy and doomsday scenario. Highly implausible and unlikely for a variety of reasons.

Muslims are going to invade America

Muslim Invasion of America Conspiracy Theory 2017

There are a number of theorists who are contending that 2017 will see secular violence within the U.S and also a number of terrorist attacks on domestic soil. This will be due in part as a retaliation to the immigration policy of Donald Trump, with extreme contenders simply stating that Muslims are fundamentalists who want to take over America and watch capitalism burn due to its lack of reverence for God. This is an unsubstantiated myth as anyone who talks to the majority of Muslims in American can understand. The difficulty lies in the extent. It is perhaps true that one in a thousand of Muslims have this fundamentalist attitude, and the misconception is that it applies across the board, which is not the case. There is also the idea that Muslims aim to conquer from within by infiltration and immigration. The same claim was made about the Jews, and the escaped Nazis from World War II, that they are still plotting to overthrown the world by infiltrating countries and prominent institutions. The idea that there is some kind of coordinated effort among religious groups who immigrate to destroy other countries to watch them burn is simply absurd.

2017 – Start of Food Crisis

Food Crisis in 2017

Many are contending that 2017 will be the beginning of a food crisis stemming from economic collapse. It should be noted that economic collapse theories are cited every year and are rarely proven correct, and if so, most possibly by chance. The economic collapse is linked to currency printing and socialistic policies by the government which has destroyed the value of money and inflated away the wealth of all citizens. Because all is interlinked, it will cumulate in 2017 in the form of an economic crisis. The end result of this will be a food crisis where the supermarkets run empty. This will probably run in tandem with hyperinflation. Farfetched as it seems a food crisis has recently decimated Venezuela. Other 3rd world countries would be the worst hit. Control of the food supply is a critical factor in the domination of a country, and this is touted as what the elites will start to do in earnest in 2017. It is also contended that first world countries could also be hit as some products become less accessible.

War on cash coming true

Cash War in 2017

The war on cash is top of the best conspiracy theories of 2017 because it has already come into play. It is also not that much of a conspiracy anymore as it has become mainstream and widely criticized. As pointed out by Steve Forbes in Forbes magazine:

The real reason for this war on cash–start with the big bills and then work your way down–is an ugly power grab by Big Government. People will have less privacy: Electronic commerce makes it easier for Big Brother to see what we’re doing, thereby making it simpler to bar activities it doesn’t like, such as purchasing salt, sugar, big bottles of soda and Big Macs.The move to destroy cash feeds into the economic commissars’ fantasy that they can better control the economy

Conspiracy theorists have contended for quite some time that there is a war on cash. Ever since the U.S broke from the gold standard in 1971, it is claimed that the government and “The Powers That Be” have had complete monetary control. This is because the currency is not tied to the value of a real item, such as gold. When not backed by gold or another appropriate commodity the currency is free to be manipulated in very possible direction. And it ultimately gives the government power to print money at its discretion, which invariably leads to an economic collapse. The extension of this is complete digital control. There are a number of people who have “held out”. By keeping cash at hand or putting it into tangibles such as paintings, houses and commodities, it is more difficult for governments to monitor, track and ultimately steal all income. The black markets can also be targeted, as this market also typically uses cash and bitcoins for its transactions. Bitcoin is another enemy to the powers and they will seek to regulate and tax this as with most other currencies. In India, the Prime Minister has banned the two largest rupee notes. A grace period of 2 months was given to deposit all cash in bank accounts. This was in spite of the fact that in India less than half of the population actually has a bank account. Economic ramifications were swift. Business stalled and banks were overrun. To say that the move was shortsighted would be naïve. It seems more likely to have been a swift and calculated decision. The theorists contend that the war on cash is real and that cash will be eliminated within a decade under the guise of fighting crime or terrorism. The trend is set to continue in 2017 with 3rd world countries as the guinea pig, to see how removing cash from society will play out with the masses. Ultimately the elites would like to have complete control of finances so taxes are automatically deducted and there would be no way around it, as cash, gold, guns and bitcoins are seen as the ultimate tools for fighting elitist policies involving high taxes, high regulation, high bureaucracy and high surveillance.

-Let us control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws.
House Rothschild Maxim


The best conspiracy theories of 2017 all have a core theme running through them. It is always that there is a group of elites who are abusing their power and privileges to suppress the masses. Whether it is through war, vaccines, disease, depopulation, media diversions, money devaluation or oppressive regulation and laws, it is always the few taking power from the many. Hopefully in 2017 people can claim some of their personal power back through a fairer system of governance for all with fewer rules, fewer regulations and lower taxes.

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