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Jesus Christ Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories about Jesus

According to various theories, Jesus is one of the most controversial figures in the history of humankind. Many theories have cropped up over the last two millennia about this icon figure. Some involve passion while others involve questions over his very existence. Just about, anything one can think of has been said about Jesus. However, some are more noteworthy than others are.

Jesus Had a Family

This is one of the most controversial details about Jesus’ life. This theory raised so much controversy that it was even made into a movie. However, the movie was based off a work of fiction. The work named the Da Vinci Code drew on innuendos from historical literature. The reason why this would be so controversial is that it would go against one of the largest faiths in the world.

In the Catholic Church, Mary the Mother of Jesus has a special place. However, if it were proven that Jesus was married, it would diminish her standing and the belief in Jesus’ love for humanity. Essentially, it would make her more important than the rest of humankind.

Jesus was a Stooge of the Roman Empire

This is one of the wildest conspiracies created about Jesus. The reason for this is Emperor Titus Flavius military campaign in Judea, what is modern day Israel coincides with the story of Jesus. In fact, most of the summons and miracles of Jesus seem to take place following the same route as the emperor’s battles.

This theory claims the Romans created Jesus in order to pacify the violent tribes that occupied the province of Judea. However, this theory like many others is yet to be verified.

Jesus was a Violent Revolutionary

This is one of the many theories that have cropped up about who Jesus really was. This theory claims that Jesus was in fact not a Messiah. In fact, he was just a smart guy who wanted liberation from Roman colonialism.

Over time, the man who had struggled against Roman rule was turned into a legend. This theory claims that Jesus did not intend to die for human sins. This argument stems from the fact that death by crucifixion was common within the Roman Empire. The method was used for revolutionaries who opposed the Roman rule.

Jesus and the Buddha are the same

This is another theory that has been around for a while now. This stems from the fact that Jesus is associated with teaching people about inner strength. In fact, if one studies Jesus teachings, there appear to be many parallels to Buddha teachings. Some of the followers of Buddhism believe that Jesus was, in fact, a reincarnation of the Buddha.

Jesus Never Existed

This theory has a minority following, even people with PhDs have written about this theory. The theory claims that Jesus was, in fact, a myth born out of the Middle East. In the region where Jesus was supposedly born, according to this theory, there were many similar stories. For instance, there were a number of pagan stories about virgin births. In addition, stories of powerful beings that could perform strange healing miracles abounded in that region.

This theory draws its conclusion from the fact that nobody about Christianity ever talked about Jesus. Even in the Roman records, no one seemed to have heard of Jesus. The records are oddly quiet throughout the entire region of there once being a man named Jesus.

Jesus was Julius Caesar

This theory draws on the many similarities between Caesar and Jesus’ lives. Both of them are said to have been charismatic leaders who originated from the countries in the North. In addition, similarities exist between the places Jesus visited and where Caesar visited. Another reason used to support this claim is that both seemed to say similar things. Their philosophy of life is quite similar if one examines notable quotes about their lives.

Caesar was a charismatic leader of his time. As time went by, his followers passed down his legendary stories by word of mouth. Each time, the story was retold differently with more pomp and color. It eventually mutated into the story of Jesus, according to this theory.


These are just a number of theories concerning Jesus. Many more exist, which are even wild. However, it cannot be disputed that Jesus the myth or the man has influenced the course of history. He will continue to do so for many years to come.

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