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Since time immemorial the world as we know it has been full of mysteries and enigmas that have continued to surpass human understanding. This has led to the belief in conspiracies as well as conspiracies theories that have become fair fodder for individuals that wish to take certain stances in controversial matters.

For instance, the universally acclaimed moon landing by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin sparked quite a lot of sensational controversy. With some factions asserting that it was just a ploy by the US government to outdo the USSR in technological prowess at the height of the cold war. These critics claim that the images of the US flag that was erected on the moon by these astronauts was flapping, which is an unusual occurrence as the moon possesses no atmosphere. However, it is important to understand that this flag was in fact provisioned with a traverse pole that clung to the top of the fabric, enabling it not to hang loose.

Another interesting conspiracy theory happens to be that the September 11th tragedy was actually an inside job perpetrated by the government or by its approval. Some factions claim that President Bush didn’t appear shocked upon receiving the devastating news as he was engaged in reading a book to children at school. While others assert that he may have connived to be in a classroom to mask his guilt.

Should you be interested in gaining in-depth and up-to-date information on these and many more conspiracies, this website can be just what doctor ordered. Having been one of the pioneering sites on these issues, Conspiracies.net was launched in 1999. It is solely dedicated to offering credible as well as incredible info about virtually all of the sensational conspiracy theories that the world has ever known.

Unlike most of its rivals, we as Conspiracies.net do not take sides or pass any judgment but focuses on disseminating different outlooks, to enable visitors to make up their own minds.

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