Assassination of John Frederick Kennedy, The US President

JFK Assassination Conspiracy Documentaries and Related Videos

JFK Assassination… one of the biggest conspiracies of the World even to this date. Some claim it changed the World and we would be living in a much better planet if Kennedy wasn’t shot and served his presidency term.

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List of JFK Assassination Documentaries

Below we highlight some of the JFK assassination documentaries available on the web.

1. JFK Lee Harvey Oswald Conspiracy – BBC Documentary

2. PBS Nova Cold Case JFK Assassination

3. JFK Assassination Conspiracy Documentary

4. JFK – 3 Shots That Changed America (History Channel Documentary)

5. JFK Assassination: Nothing but the Truth

6. JFK – Undisputed Forensic Evidence

7. JFK Assassination Solved. This is JFK II Full Documentary

8. The JFK Assassination: Conspiracy, Photos, Facts, Autopsy, Documentary Evidence (2007)

9. JFK ASSASSINATION The Scapegoat 720p Full Documentary

10. Frame 313: The JFK Assassination Theories (2008)

11. 24 Hours After The Assassination of JFK

12. Kennedy Assassination – Lyndon Johnson Killed JFK – The Men Who Killed Kennedy

13. Who Murdered JFK

14. JFK vs CIA

15. The Killing of a President

16. JFK – The Real Investigation

Other Videos Related to JFK Assassination

17. JFK Assassination Video

18. JFK Assassination Slow Motion Video

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