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Princess Diana’s Death Conspiracy Theories

Who Killed Princess Diana?

Diana, Princess of Wales
Diana, Princess of Wales

Princess Diana died a horrific death in 1997. She was a well-loved figure, well spoken and compassionate. Part of the British Royal family, she married the prince of Wales in 1981. She bore two sons with the Prince however they separated in 1996 and had both been seeing other people before the breakup. This was publicly revealed in 1992. She died in a car accident in Paris with the man she was seeing, the son of an Egyptian billionaire. Given the nature of the breakup coupled with her royal/political status, from her death there emerged a number of conspiracy theories. The cause of death was deemed to be because of the intoxication and resulting negligence of Henri Paulthe driver, coupled with the negligence of the media following closely behind.

Princess Diana Death Conspiracy

1. Faked Death

One of the more poorly constructed Conspiracy theories. Princess Diana, upset with the intrusions into her private life by the media, staged the whole thing to get some privacy. The evidence for this is that the bodyguard; Trevor Rees-Jones is still alive. However, it is impossible to survive a crash at a car traveling at such a high speed. Other evidence cited is that Diana’s usual driver was not used but was changed at the last minute. On top of this, the Princess allegedly informed the Daily Mail two days before the incident that she was going to slip away from public life. This Princess Diana Conspiracy Theory seems very unlikely. To go to such an extreme length to escape from public life is insanity, and she would have to be in hiding for the rest of her life, not to mention she would most likely have to get some sort of disguise and plastic surgery. An offshoot of this theory is that it was supposed to be a fake crash which went horribly wrong resulting in the death of the popular Princess Diana.

2. Killed by Secret Services

Richard Tomlinson MI6 Agent
Richard Tomlinson, Former MI6 Agent

She was killed by MI6. MI6 is the British equivalent of the CIA. It’s the intelligence agency of the United Kingdom and deals with intelligence relating to international affairs, generally used to combat oversea’s threats (i.e. foreign intelligence). The rationale behind this conspiracy theory is that Princess Diana is a threat the stability of the Empire, and has to be taken out. MI6 were accused of bugging Princess Diana on numerous occasions and were also claimed to have been behind the revelation of the tapes which led to her break up with Prince Charles. Her security guard who survived the car crash had extensive military training, and this is given as a reason linking him with MI6 and the death of Diana. One former MI6 operative, Richard Tomlinson, swore that MI6 were at the heart of the death of Diana and that they had been following her for some time beforehand. He later retracted that statement, saying he must have misremembered.

3. It’s just good business

Dodi Al Fayed Son of Billionaire
Dodi Al Fayed

Other theorists have claimed that the death of Princess Diana was caused by business rivals of Dodi’s father, the Egyptian billionaire. The death of Diana would act as a smokescreen for their real intent to kill Dodi. This is an exceptionally thin conspiracy, killing a princess to avoid suspicion. In reality, this would simply draw the attention of special intelligence who would swiftly find the perpetrators. It would have been more intelligent to assassinate Dodi when he was not in the vehicle with an internationally known figure.

4. The Burial Ground.

One theory alleges that Princess Diana was secretly cremated and interred at a chapel in the town of Great Brington. Officially she is buried in the Spencer family estate at Althorp. There does not seem to be an underlying rationale for the emergence of this theory.

Other Conspiracies

British Royal Family Conspiracy

Some say it was the Royal family who were simply unhappy at Diana’s behavior and taught her a permanent lesson. Dodi Fayed was not a Christian and it apparently would not do to bring an outsider into the Royal family. He was allegedly going to propose to Diana on the trip, said to have purchased a ring from a jewelry store beforehand. This was backed up by Mohamed Al-Fayed, Dodi’s father. It was also claimed that Diana was pregnant when the car crashed, another reason the Royal Family might not have been best pleased. The Coroner who carried out the postmortem examination claimed that this was not true.

White Fiat Uno involved in the Paris Crash that killed Princess Diana

A British inquest in 2007 found the crash to be the result of extremely negligent driving by the driver of the Mercedes and of the paparazzi following behind. It is plausible that she told the driver to lose the media which contributed to the crash in Pont de l’Alma tunnel. Dodi’s father publicly accused Prince Philip of plotting the murder of the couple at the 2007 inquest. He also claimed that a White Fiat Uno caused the car to swerve and crash, stating that the owner of the Fiat Uno was a security services agent who had photographed Diana while at his villa. This security services agent provided documentary evidence about his movements on the date of the crash to French police, demonstrating that he could only have been at his home.

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