Adolf Hitler Death Conspiracies

Adolf Hitler Conspiracy: Fakes Death, A 50% Possibility

Adolf Hitler Background

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is probably one of the most infamous people of all time, the Fuehrer of Nazi Germany and chief orchestrator of the Holocaust, in which over 6 million Jews are reported to have died. He was the instigator of World War II and leader of the Nazi party. He gained popularity in Germany after promoting Antisemitism, Pan-Germanism and Anti-Communism. Adolf Hitler believed Germans to be superior to other races, who were viewed as inferior. He also denounced Capitalism, as well as Communism, as being parts of a Jewish Conspiracy.

Towards the end of World War II, the interference of Hitler into the strategic offensive in Russia cost the Axis power dearly. His refusal to allow forces to withdraw from the battle of Stalingrad led to the death of 200,000 Axis soldiers with over 235,000 taken prisoner. His military judgment only became more and more erratic as time went on. Between 1939 and 1945 there were multiple attacks on the life of Hitler, the most famous being the attempt by Claus von Stauffenberg who planted a bomb in Hitler’s headquarters. Hitler narrowly survived as one of his aides removed his briefcase behind the leg of a heavy conference table, where the bomb was stored. This led to sharp reprisals from Hitler, with over 4900 executions.

Claus von Stauffenberg
Claus von Stauffenberg

By the end of 1944, the Reds and the Allies were advancing through Germany. After the Ardennes offensive had failed Hitler ordered the destruction of all military devices and industrial infrastructure before it could fall into the hands of the Allies. This command was disobeyed at last by Albert Speer, the Minister for Armaments. Hitler knew his time had come and on April 20th, 1956 made his final trip to the surface from his underground bunker. With the Soviets encircling Berlin Hitler commanded Waffen SS General Felix Steiner to launch the offensive. Upon finding out that Steiner disobeyed he ordered everyone except Wilhelm Keitel, Alfred Jodl, Hans Krebs, and Wilhelm Burgdorf to leave the room, and went on a now-famous tirade against the treachery of his commanders. He ended his speech stating that he would stay in Berlin until the end and shoot himself, having finally given up hope.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun
Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun

On April 29th he married Eva Braun and indicated his will to his secretary. The events were witnessed and documents signed in the presence of Krebs, Burgdorf, Goebbels, and Bormann. On the 30th April 1945, Hitler shot himself and Eva Braun bit into a cyanide capsule. Hitler’s body was burned and all that could be used to identify the Fuehrer was his lower jaw. It should be noted that most theories to the contrary that the Fuehrer and Eva escaped the city are regarded as fringe theories by the vast majority of historians. Heinz Linge, Hitler’s valet, heard a gunshot and found the Fuehrer dead next to his newly married wife who had apparently taken Cyanide, and Hitler had shot himself. However there is some debate as to how he died and who found him. Not only are the German accounts not trusted, neither are the accounts of the Soviets who were the first on the scene. They were not allies of the West as such. It was more than they had a common enemy. There was a race to Hitler’s bunker which was won by the Soviets.

Hitler Conspiracies

Main Conspiracy: Adolf Hitler fakes death

A theory that surrounds the death of every famous figure. There are a number of offshoots to this theory. It is often contended that declassified FBI documents contain a number of alleged sightings of Hitler. However, the FBI states within these documents that the claims cannot be substantiated.

Gustav Weler

It has been contended that the bodies that were shot and found were doubles, though there is no evidence that such is the case, merely claims. However, it is well known that Hitler did in fact have a double, Gustav Weler. It is also pointed out that in 2009 a skull fragment with a bullet hole was not actually the skull of Hitler but that of a young woman. However this point is moot as while this skull was widely believed to be the skull of Hitler, no Soviet or Russian Officials ever claimed that it was. The dental remains were what actually confirmed the fragments to be the remains of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

Hitler in Argentina

Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler 2011
Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler 2011 – Check on Amazon

The book titled Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler 2011 is the most popular piece of literature documenting the escape of Hitler from Berlin to Argentina. The book was written by British authors Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams. The book is founded on the idea that Hitler was hugely rich from royalties from his book Mein Kampf, which was mandatory reading for all those within the Third Reich and that the Nazis had stolen art and gold from occupied countries. This wealth was funneled by the Fuehrer to Argentina where he made his escape. The book contends that he died in 1962 after living in a Bavarian-style mansion in Inalco, just off the Chilean border. The contention of the authors is that there is no video or photography of the death and that those who testified had an interest in keeping the escape of Adolf Hitler a secret. The main contentions are:

  1. Hitler had the means to escape the city and huge resources, being the richest man in Europe.
  2. Confirmed records of U-Boat landings off the coast of Patagonia.
  3. Written testimonies of Argentinian people who saw him or worked for him (attendant, cook, nurse etc).
  4. FBI documents which confess that Hitler might be alive in Argentina.

This book is widely ridiculed by most historians and has no substantiation. Again to keep such a deception quiet would require the consent of so many people over such a long time period to be regarded as entirely implausible. Historian Guy Walters was very outspoken about the book describing it as “rubbish”, adding: “There’s no substance to it at all. It appeals to the deluded fantasies of conspiracy theorists”.

In 2014 a controversial documentary was produced by Gerrard Williams called Grey Wolf. It features a number of people who claim to have seen Hitler in Argentina.

Both the book and the film Grey Wolf have been backed up by a retired CIA official who has claimed that Adolf Hitler faked his own death. The claim is that Hitler made his way to Argentina initially by Luftwaffe plane and then by a submarine which collected him at the Canary Islands and carried him to the coast of Patagonia. Bob Baer and his team claim to have access to over 700 pages of classified documentation that have recently been declassified. One document states that British Intelligence were aware that Hitler was flown from Berlin via a Luftwaffe plane. Baer and his team believe that the corpse found was a double and that it was found to be 5 inches shorter than Hitler. The body was initially discovered by the Russians. It is also claimed that there was a fifth exit from the bunker which was not found, though it is hard to believe that an exit would simply be not found in a case as important as this. It is also contended by many theorists of this line of thought that many Nazis were not sentenced and all made a mass exodus to South America where they continued their plans and have since infiltrated Corporate America and in particular the pharmaceutical Industry. It is true that tens of thousand of Nazis escaped and were not sentenced, including Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele.

Fakes Death – Hitler in Brazil

In another version of this theory Hitler lived well into his 90’s and went to Paraguay and then Brazil. He came to be known as “The Old German” in the town of Nossa Senhora do Livramento after adopting the name Adolf Leipzig (Why he would keep his first name is not explained in this theory). Brazilian Jew Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias wrote the book Hitler in Brazil – His Life and Death, claiming that Hitler went to Brazil looking for buried treasure given to him by associates in the Vatican. She contends that Leipzig’s remains be exhumed and his DNA tested against the living relatives of Hitler. She further claims that he chose the name Leipzig as it was the birthplace of Hitler’s favorite composer. Johann Sebastian Bach. She photoshopped a picture of Adolf Leipzig with a mustache and used it as evidence that it was Adolf Hitler. Historians and academics have also dismissed the idea that Hitler came to Brazil after his alleged escape from Berlin. There is simply no substance whatsoever to the theory that Hitler fled to Brazil. Contrary to the official story which indicates Heinz Linge as the man to find Hitler, this book indicates that it was his bodyguard Rochus Misch, who said he heard a gunshot and came in to see the Führer slumped dead over the table. He died in 2016. This picture is cited as evidence that Hitler fled to Brazil where he changed his name to Adolf Leipzig.

Convincing Evidence about Hitler’s death

Hitler most likely died in the bunker in 1945. However, it is impossible to know for sure. There are a few key points to consider:

  • The Soviets were the first to arrive on the scene. Thus the information went from those closest to Hitler ( four Nazis who were utterly devoted to Hitler), to the Soviets, who passed on information to the Allies, who issued headlines to the public. It would be naive to believe that the information was not altered by one of these parties before reaching public eyes and ears.
  • At the time of Hitler’s death, media outlets all over the world were printing headlines asking whether or not Hitler really died, including the New York Times.
  • There was a report in a Swedish newspaper on April 26th indicating that a double had been put in Hitler’s place in order to “die on the barricades”. The paper, citing the free German Press Service, said that the man had been trained to talk and act like Hitler in every possible way. Hitler was known to have had at least 6 doubles.
  • When Stalin was asked by President Truman whether or not Hitler was dead, he simply replied “No”. Stalin’s top officer, Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, reported that “We have found no corpse that could be Hitler’s.”
  • President Eisenhower “We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler’s death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin.”
  • No German witnesses ever saw or identified the remains said to be Hitler’s, but this could not be due to a shortage of witnesses. This is in sharp contrast to that of Nazi Joseph Goebbels, who had 20 Germans line up to identify his body(Goebbels had committed suicide with his wife and children).
  • The body of Joseph Goebbels was put on display and photographed from all angles. There was but a single photo taken of Hitler. Similarly, there were numerous photographs taken of President Kennedy and General Gaddafi. To quench any possibility of survival myths taking place such photographs have to be taken. This was not done in Adolf Hitler’s case.

Adolf Hitler Fringe Conspiracy Theories

There are also a number of theories which have emerged that are much further out than a mere escape. One such theory relates to that of black magician Aleister Crowley. Crowley claimed that Adolf Hitler was his magic child, a term used to describe the produce of an unguarded psyche. The demoralization of Germany was the goal of this dark magician –

“It was necessary to persuade the Germans that arrogance and violence were sound policy, that bad faith was the cleverest diplomacy, that insult was the true meaning of winning friendship, and direct injury the proper conjuration to call up gratitude.”

Inquiries into such theories involve the occult and black magic which invariably cannot be proven. Another theory is that Adolf Hitler did not have any hatred whatsoever of Jews until after his treatment. He had earned considerable awards and honors from serving in the Bavarian army, and his speeches changed from 1919 onward. Hitler was hospitalized after being blinded by mustard gas in World War One. He miraculously regained his sight and only decided to enter politics while in the hospital. In 1918 the Louisiana Journal of Forensic Science indicated that a hypnotic suggestion given to Hitler during treatment could have been what instilled the belief that he was meant to rule the world and eradicate the Jews. It was said to be a miracle that he was able to see again. It is agreed by psychohistorians that the biggest behavioral change in Hitler took place after his treatment. He found new qualities of ceremonial speech and rhetoric and lost the talent he once had for painting. And the theory contends that the hatred Hitler had with regard to Jews was implanted there by brainwashing techniques, drugs and hypnosis.


When all the evidence is taken together and analyzed it seems that, on the balance of probabilities, it’s around 50/50. There are a number of questions surrounding Hitler’s death which do not add up. However, there is no conclusive evidence of an escape. The balance of probabilities might swing just in the balance of the official story, but not by a wide margin due to the huge number of question marks. And also due to the correct identification of Hitler via dental fragments. This has not been dealt with by any theorists accurately and until it is, we will have to assume that the remains are Hitlers and his death was a suicide.

Adolf Hitler Fake Death Conspiracy Documentaries

Below you can find some conspiracy documentaries with the claims about death and escape of Adolf Hitler to South America.

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