The Tupac Conspiracy: Tupac Illuminati Connection

The Tupac Conspiracy: Tupac Illuminati Connection

The Tupac Conspiracy

2Pac Makaveli – Don Killuminati

Perhaps the greatest hip-hop artist of all-time, Tupac Shakur, was one of the first celebrities with ties to the Illuminati. Dying at a young age, 2pac left us with many questions surrounding his death and his thoughts and feelings on life. One of these that can be considered a Tupac conspiracy is his connection and feelings on the Illuminati. Tupac was the celebrity that put the term Killuminati meaning on the map. His post humorous rap album entitled “Makaveli:  The Don Killuminati” was a testament to some of his thoughts and feelings on the Illuminati. Let’s take a look deeper into the connection between the legendary Tupac Shakur and his thoughts and music related to the Illuminati.

What is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati, sometimes referred to as the New World Order, is allegedly a society of rich and powerful families that control basically everything in the world. There are 13 families in the alleged Illuminati and there are also to believe to be a number of celebrities and other rich and powerful people that work for the Illuminati.

Those who believe in the Illuminati conspiracy feel that the Illuminati controls everything in the world including presidential elections,  medical industry, Wall Street,  music, film and anything that has to do with money. Ther symbol is even on our currency. The Illuminati is believed to pick political leaders with bloodlines that are close to those families that are in power. Believers of the Illuminati theory believe that they not only control almost everything in the world, but also are responsible for deaths of people who are against the Illuminati.

Tupac & Illuminati – Killuminati

2pac in prison circa 1995
2pac in prison circa 1995

There are many theories on Tupac Shakur’s actual thoughts and feelings about the illuminati, but many believed the origins came when he went to prison in 1995. In prison it was said that Tupac learned more about the Illuminati and developed a hatred for the idea of the Illuminati. While much of this was not really spoke of during Tupac’s life, the Illuminati or Killuminati conspiracies came up after his controversial death.

The Killuminati meaning

After being gun downed on Las Vegas strip on 09/13/1996 Makaveli: The Don Killuminati album was released. Unlike his previous all-time classic album titled “All Eyez on Me”, the Don Killuminati album had many deeper songs with very strange predictions of his death. While this album was recorded before Tupac’s passing, many of the lyrics projected his death.

The Killuminati meaning was still not as popular in mainstream media as it is today and this album was the catalyst to bring the Tupac Illuminati conspiracy theory to not only mainstream media, but to the younger generation of Americans who mostly did not know much about the Illuminati.

Tupac conspiracy theories are among the most common among African-Americans and younger people who grew up listening to his music. Many people who believe in Tupac conspiracy theories pin his murder on the work of the Illuminati. These conspiracy theorists feel that Tupac was becoming too popular and his message was becoming too influential and that is why the Illuminati stepped in and took his life.

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