Denver International Airport Conspiracy

Denver Airport Conspiracy: What’s Going on in Denver International Airport?

From the outside, the Denver International Airport looks like any other airport you would find in America. It’s fairly new, it’s spacious and it’s pretty clean. No other airport has the same mystery surrounding as DIA with claims of secret underground bunkers and occult symbols all over the place.

Background on Denver International Airport Conspiracy

Denver International Airport conspiracy
DIA dedication plate

Construction started back in 1989 and DIA wasn’t completed until 1995, by that time it was two years late and three billion dollars over budget. Denver already had a perfectly good airport located six miles outside of town while DIA is 25 miles outside of town. The airport is built on a huge plot of land that twice the size of Manhattan at 53 square miles, making the largest in the US and second largest in the world.

Even more unusual is the airport was privately funded, no one really knows by whom but there is a marker inside the terminal saying it was built by “The New World Airport Commission”. “The New World Airport Commission” doesn’t seem to exist and there is no other evidence of them outside of the marker. The marker also contains a symbol often associated with the Freemasons.

The Underground Bunkers

At the beginning of construction 5 building were constructed deemed ‘built wrong” then promptly buried underground instead of being torn down, which would be the norm. No one involved in the construction of the buildings or currently employees will discuss what they actually do there.

So what are the bunkers really for? Lots of people believe they were set up for the Elites of society in the event of a nuclear holocaust or complete societal breakdown. It is here in these bunkers where the “New World Order” will begin. While this is only speculation, there is nobody denying the bunkers exist but the official story is they are used for storage.

Art and Symbolism

Denver International Airport Conspiracy - Aerial View
Denver International Airport Aerial View

Starting on the outside of the airport, if you take an aerial view of the runways there are shaped liked a swastika and the entire airport is surrounded by a barb wired fence that angles inward instead of outward as if it trying to keep people in instead of out. Driving up to the airport there is a 32-foot tall blue horse rearing up on its hind legs; the horse was built by New Mexican artist Luis Jiminez. With red eyes it is often associated with one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.

Denver International Airport conspiracy
Mural at Denver Airport

The inside of DIA has two really strange murals and other odd symbols throughout. One mural with shows a Nazi soldier surrounded by dead and dying children, very reminiscent of Orwell’s Big Brother. In front of one of the murals in the floor are the symbols Au and Ag, which on first glance could be the symbol of gold and silver, until you learn that one of the airport founders discovered a new deadly strain of hepatitis called Australian Antigen also called AUAG. Many believe AUAG could be used in biological warfare while the symbol sits in front of a mural featuring just that.

This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There is a sculpture of a demon sitting on top of a suitcase and random letters throughout the airport rumored to be part of an alien language. With occult symbols throughout the airport and the question as to the purpose of the bunker underneath, speculation is all we are really left with.

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