Michael Jackson Death Conspiracy Theories

Micheal Jackson – Three Conspiracy Theories

The Life and Death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
Micheal Jackson

Micheal Jackson, the “King of Pop”, was a hugely influential singer, songwriter, dancer and actor who died in June 2009. His controversial personal life became the subject of much debate in his later years. He released the best-selling album of all time, Thriller, with a sale of over 65 million copies worldwide. He is one of few artists to be introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice and is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful entertainer of all time. He has 26 American Music Awards, 13 Grammy Awards and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He was arguably the most influential musical figure of all time, rivaling the Beetles, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. He released 13 number one singles in the U.S with estimated sales of 350 Million records worldwide. He also supported over 39 charities.

Despite his many accolades his reputation was all but destroyed from the 90’s onward. His personal appearance and behavior generated huge controversy. In 1993 he was accused of child sex abuse. It was settled out of court with no charges. In 2005 more charges were brought. However, he was found not guilty on all counts. Micheal Jackson admitted to the completion of a sex change operation in order to have children of his own. While on trial for child abuse he was really on trial for much more – Narcissism, Racial Identity Disorder, Transgenderism, clothing preferences and poor parenting. Fans said he was the victim of much abuse as a child (which is true) while opponents say he used his boyish image and childlike demeanor as tools to molest young children. Micheal Jackson was a conflicting figure in many ways with a complicated sexual identity which seemed to be a mix of gay and straight, man and women, child and adult. When authorities raided his home, they found straight and gay porn which only adds to the confusion.

Micheal Jackson died from cardiac arrest resulting from acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication at his home in Los Angeles. His physician Conrad Murray was convicted of manslaughter for prescribing inaccurate medication to the singer. The physician also took over 30 minutes to initiate the telephone call upon finding the singer with a bare pulse on the floor. The CPR method he employed to revive Mr. Jackson was also inappropriate, on the bed instead of a hard surface such as a floor. Conrad Murray has since served a two-year prison sentence. Different accounts are given by various agencies surrounding his death. Murray’s attorney stated that Jackson had a pulse when he was put into an ambulance. The Los Angeles Police Department indicated that they found Jackson in full cardiac arrest upon arrival and did not observe a change in his situation on route to the hospital. After two autopsies had been carried out, there was no indication of foul play. The death was ruled a homicide due to the various pharmaceuticals inside of Jackson’s body, though the full toxicology report has not been released. Aside from the pharmaceutical factor, he was reported to be quite healthy.

1. He never really died

Michael Jackson Conspiracy - Yeah

This theory is associated with any famous individual who dies, from Elvis Presley to Tupac to Princess Diane. There are multiple videos, pictures and claims that Micheal Jackson is alive and well and is hiding out in either Canada or Africa. The pictures often show someone who looks a lot like Micheal Jackson but is far from what could be considered concrete evidence.

There are reports that Michael Jackson is now living in Ontario Canada and goes by the name Alain P. Shipments of animals and cosmetics are frequently delivered to the estate of the pale middle-aged man near Lake Dore. Three bodyguards surround the estate at all times and when asked about the bodyguards are reported to just state that “Alain P is a very private individual”. Jackson is also reported to have been seen in Perth, Australia in 2014, as well as in an elevator in Las Vegas. There are hundreds of reported Micheal Jackson sightings, available here. In most sightings, he is reported to be completely covered and dressed completely in black, surrounded by bodyguards.

2. Killed by Business Interests

La Toya Jackson, Michael Jackson's sister
La Toya Jackson, Michael Jackson’s sister

Micheal Jackson’s sister, La Toya Jackson, indicates in her memoir Starting Over that her brother was actually killed by business interests in order to profit from his estate. Allegedly he was worked to death with tours and concert and was then given a dangerous concoction of chemicals to put him over the edge. Conrad Murray, the personal physician who was held by the courts to be accountable for the death of Micheal Jackson, is described in the memoirs as “The Fall Guy”. The memoirs indicate that La Toya was told my Michael over and over that he was going to be killed for his estate and that there was a conspiracy against him.

“‘La Toya, I’m going to be murdered for my music publishing catalog and my estate”

The brunt of the blame rests on a new business adviser of Jackson’s, Dr. Tohme. As soon as he became Jackson’s chief business adviser, he fired all the key personnel close to Michael. And once he shut out these outside interests he was ale to steer Michael towards business interests profitable form Tohme and his associates. La Toya also indicates that the same business advisers in conjunction with the influence of doctors, mere representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, convinced Michael to take drugs which he had been adverse to taking all his life.

“Michael didn’t believe in putting any chemicals in his body, and he was devoted to health food throughout his life. When we both lived at home, Michael once became upset with me when he saw me take an aspirin … ‘La Toya, why are you taking that aspirin?’ he asked. ‘That’s a drug.”

Daughter Paris Jackson also believes that her father was murdered and that it is evident to true fans and anyone with eyes to see. She also quoted, like La Toya, how Michael often mentioned that “they” were going to get him.

3. Micheal Jackson Video Game Conspiracy

Another theory that has recently resurfaced is that Micheal Jackson played the music on the popular Video Game in the early 1990’s: Nintendo’s Sonic the Hedgehog. The theory emerged from a former Jackson and Sonic the Hedgehog fan, Ben Mallison, a UK resident. “Ben” is so named after Jackson’s 1972 Golden Globe-winning title track “Ben”. Sonic Three became Ben’s famous game, and he started noticing similarities between Jackson and the Sonic Three soundtrack. By 2003 Ben had been comparing Sonic soundtracks and Jackson music for years. In September of the same year, he started posting that Jackson had a part in the soundtrack of Sonic Three but was for some reason not given any credit. This started a chain reaction of Sonic and Jackson die hard fans who would spread the theory far and wide as well as send thousands of emails to various artists, producers and sound engineers of Sega’s Sonic Three team. The typical response, of course, was that members of the team did not respond to these emails, as it is well documented that the more responses that are given, the more it will encourage people to ask more questions. Sega was the organization responsible for the development of Sonic. One Sonic Forum member claimed that he interviewed Roger Hector, Sonic’s coordinator, who informed him that Sega had worked with Jackson to develop a soundtrack but that they had been scrubbed from the game. While this served to spread the spur the Sonic theorists onward it does not seem plausible on the face of it – How would the songs be recognized in the first place if they had been scrubbed, and why would Sega pay the money to work with Jackson and then scrub them out?

A different Sonic enthusiast noticed that Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow” sounded very similar to the Sonic Three ending credits. And James Hansen compiled a video on Youtube of all existing evidence with regard to Michael Jackson producing the soundtrack for Sega’s Sonic Three.

And in 2009 French Magazine Black and White secured an interview with Sonic Three sound artist Brad Buxer, who was also Jackson’s musical director at a certain time. Like Hector, he suggested that Jackson’s music never made it into the final Sonic Three output, but that the Sega team did work with Jackson Sonic Three songs. This was proclaimed as proof that Michael Jackson did, in fact, produce songs for Sonic Three; however, Ken Horowitz, who runs Sega-16, an influential website for Sega enthusiasts, deemed the site’s proclamation premature. Kotaku had to clarify. “Buxer’s statements about Michael Jackson’s musical efforts in the Genesis game do not yet constitute proof of anything,” it conceded in an update. “In other words, our long national nightmare of not knowing whether or not Michael Jackson worked on ‘Sonic 3’ without a shadow of a doubt is not yet behind us.”

Other evidence cited is that Hector’s daughter Leslie met Jackson at Sega’s top secret Sonic facility. Jackson was allegedly a fan of the game and the company had released “Moonwalker”, a film based on a Jackson movie. Hector then goes on to say that one of the Sonic Three developers would like to play music for the game. Cirocco Jones, Bobby Brooks, Doug Grigsby III, Brad Buxer, Darryl Ross & Geoff Grace were the six songwriters listed on the credits at the end of Sonic Three. And they all claim that Jackson worked with them to produce the songs. Quotes from the ex-Sega executive Roger Hector states:

It was a big secret – Sega “didn’t want the word to get out at all ….I was really impressed with how much of a signature Michael Jackson sound there was in this, and yet, it was all new,….It clearly had a Michael Jackson sound to it, so that anyone who listened to it would recognize that, gee, that was done by Michael Jackson.”

All in all the theory actually seems plausible. Sony at the time wanted to take over the world. After the recording, news of child molestation came out and Sega were wary of attaching Michael’s name to the brand. All the sound artists have claimed that Jackson worked with them on the Sonic project, including former Sega executive Hector. And there is an apparent resemblance between the music of Sonic Three and multiple Michael Jackson soundtracks. Sega cannot admit they worked on it without admitting that they lied before. Which could explain why Roger Hector says that Jackson did work on the soundtracks, but they were removed from the game. Like Roger Hector, Sound engineer Buxer states:

“I’ve never played the game, so I do not know what tracks on which Michael and I have worked the developers have kept.”

A clever way to say that we did work with Jackson, but I can’t say for certain that any of his tracks feature in the game as I have never played. Thus avoiding liability.


Michael Jackson Conspiracy

As with many conspiracy theories we will never know for sure the true story with regard to the death of Michael Jackson. On the face of it the official story seems to be the most obvious, that an incompetent personal physician gave him the wrong prescription. It is highly unlikely that he is alive. It is possible that he was killed by business interests and that his physician was the “fall guy”, but there is not enough evidence of this to say such is the case. Until more evidence emerges it is best to assume the most probable scenario of death by manslaughter though Conrad Murray.

The minor theory that he worked on the Sonic Three soundtrack seems likely, as it crosses the supply of reasonable evidence needed to push it beyond the boundaries of reasonable probability. The testimonies from the sound artists from Sonic Three and Sega Executive Roger Hector lend it much weight.

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