Mike Tyson Time Travel: Smartphone Hoax Camera

Mike Tyson’s Time Traveling Friend

Mike Tyson’s Time Traveling Friend – An Introduction

After four years out of the action, Mike Tyson returned for a fight against Peter “the Hurricane” McNeeley in Las Vegas, 1995. It was one of the highest grossing fights at the time and received worldwide attention. However, the fight has come to prominence once again as a conspiracy theory. In September 2015, a YouTube video was uploaded which showed interesting footage about the event. See the video below.

Mike Tyson’s Time Traveling Friend Identified

From the video, it appears that a member of the audience (Mike Tyson’s Time Traveling Friend in this instance) is recording the fight on what seems to be a smartphone. It has a lens in the center of the “phone” which is said to be used to take photos. The device even flashed red, despite the fact that camera phones were not available at this time. The counter argument is that there were many cam recorders in that era which could have been passed off as a camera. So maybe not a time traveler but just somebody with the latest camera recorder. This is a much more plausible scenario. Examples of cam recorders that might have been the one in the video include the Casio QV-10A, and the Casio QV-100, which are similar to the apparent smartphone in the video. It has to be said that the picture quality is not the best in the video. But it does flash like a modern-day smartphone. The apparent image of a smartphone at the fight prompted many to suggest that, naturally, it must be time traveler watching to show.

Casio QV-10A
Casio QV-10A
Casio QV-100
Casio QV-100

The Possibility of Time Travel

The theory of time travel is based on the assumption that traveling at the speed of light is possible. The speed of light is the fastest known speed in the universe at present. It is a foundation speed for the theory of physicists as to how the universe operates. If it ever did happen that something can travel faster than the speed of light, it is possible for time travel to occur as the arrow of time could be turned backward.

Possibility of Time Travel

Einstein’s theory of time travel/relativity was that time speeds off and slows down relative to how fast you are moving to something else. Approaching the speed of light, an alien on a spaceship would age much slower than someone back home on planet earth. The speed of light is nearly 300,000 kilometers per second, somewhat more than the average motor vehicle, so we are a long way away from getting anywhere close, even in particle accelerators. According to Einstein’s equations, an object which is traveling at the speed of light would have infinite mass and a total length of zero, which appears to be physically impossible though some contend it can be achieved. Wormholes are another possibility, as advocated by NASA. However, they have not yet been observed by any scientists.

There are alternative time travel theories to those of Albert Einstein. As indicated by Stephen Hawking, a spaceship that orbited around a black hole or similar structure would experience half the time as people on their home soil. If they circled the black hole for ten years twenty years would have passed everywhere else. The crew would still need to travel at the speed of light for this to work, which is again beyond out technology, and will be for quite some time. Other theories include cosmic strings, which contain enough mass and energy to warp the space/time around them, and time machines which are theoretically said to work if by forming a “closed time-like curve”. Time machines are sometimes said to require a negative energy density to do this. Time travel is far beyond the ambit of human energy and available technology. But it is theoretically possible to travel back in time. Science has finally caught up to what Hollywood movies such as Groundhog Day, Terminator and Back to the Future have known all along. As per Star-Trek, all it takes is a spaceship that can travel at the speed of light, type in your time coordinates and you are, presumably, “there”. Another popular time travel theory is acquiring a ball of matter around ten times larger than the run, and you then have to roll it into a cylinder. Set it spinning at 2 or more billion rotations per minute, and step into your new timeline. The cylinder also has to somehow be of the infinite length in order for it to work, which might be frustrating if you have all the other pieces acquired in this Frank Tipler time travel experiment.

Was there a Time Traveler at the Tyson Fight?

Unequivocally, no there was not, judging from the tenuous evidence of the camera angle. Even if time travel was proven to be a natural phenomenon, it is strange that the “alien” would choose to watch a Mike Tyson fight and record it with a primitive piece of technology such as a smartphone. Would a time traveling cyborg from the future really be interested in Mike Tyson and the outcome of his boxing matches? We are presumably talking about an entity with the capability to travel at the speed of light and warp the space-time continuum at ease. Then again maybe these entities have strange tastes.

Even the picture is far too vague for us even to clarify that the user was actually using a smartphone. But these conspiracies are good for comedic value. Claims like this occur periodically from time to time, from mummies who appear to be wearing Adidas shoes to Greek sculptures of people on laptops, with mouse and UBS ports. This is by no means the first time a time traveler has inadvertently appeared in pictures and videos and is definitely not the last. And even if someone had a smartphone 5 years in advance (the first wave of smartphones being released around 2000) it would not really be considered far ahead of the times. Many contend that technologies are available right now that are 20 years into the future but withheld until they become commercially viable and profitable to distribute. Think the PlayStation 6, iPhone 12 and Oculus Rift 3. But that is a whole other conspiracy theory in itself.