Manhattan Project Conspiracy Theory

The Manhattan Project – An official and well documented “Conspiracy” theory

Manhattan Project Overview

The Manhattan Project was a code name for a plan to develop the world’s first atomic bomb. The project was led by the U.S with support from Canada as well as the U.K. The operation took place from the years 1942-1946 under the supervision of General Leslie Groves, a U.S Army lieutenant. The mechanics of actually developing the bomb was left to Robert Oppenheimer.

Robert Oppenheimer
Robert Oppenheimer

The origins of the Manhattan Project started in 1939 when American intelligence became aware of the dangers of nuclear weapons in the hands of the Nazis. Such a weapon could pose a huge threat to the U.S and would leave them at Hitler’s mercy if he won the war. He would doubtless have turned his attention Westwards if Europe was under his subjugation, as well as East towards the Russians.

The Manhattan Project is not in any way a conspiracy theory. It is officially documented and the documents are available online. In response to the threat of nuclear weapons, the U.S had to commission their own project. Such has always been the policy of the United States, to have the largest guns which act as a deterrent, and it is a policy which has traditionally been very successful.

Scope of the Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project is the biggest true conspiracy theory to date. It was reported after it’s imitation but can only be deemed officially “true” after the declassification and publication of official reports. It would employ more than 130,000 people and spawn many industrial and research industries and spin off industries. Entire towns were constructed in secret government supervision. The research took place in Canada, the U.K and the U.S.A. The primary research sites for the project were the Hanford Site, the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It is the sheer scope of the project that leads most to deny the existence of the Manhattan Project, not just the unlikelihood of the plot itself. The idea that a project this big has been kept a secret largely discredits the idea.

Information leaks

Some say that many, many people did speak out about the Manhattan project. The very fact that it is being discussed right now indicates that it was not kept secret at all. And the Department of Energy has actually posted all accounts online with the official document history of the Manhattan Project. The last section in the document referring to intelligence and security states that:

“Since September 1943, investigations were conducted of more than 1,500 ‘loose talk’ or leakage of information cases and corrective action was taken in more than 1,200 violations of procedures for handling classified material….”

And people who contend that there is no way that the Manhattan Project would be kept a secret do not understand how projects of this nature actually work. Every individual is no more than a cog in a machine, developing a tiny part of a much bigger piece. Ten people could have a job and report to a supervisor, and 10 supervisors would report to their supervising officer, and so on. Thus the overall picture would only be seen by those at the top echelons. This is also how it works in warfare to a degree, with the regular officers being told to fire or engage, and the overall strategy generally only seen by those at the top. The people at the bottom simply follow orders. The front page of the New York times in 1945 reads:”Atom Bombs Made in 3 Hidden ‘Cities’: Secrecy on Weapon So Great That Not Even Workers Knew of Their Product” It further states:

“One of these, Oak Ridge, situated where only oak and pine trees had dotted small farms before, is now the 5th largest city in Tennessee. Its population of 70,000 has 13 supermarkets, 9 drug stores, and 7 theatres.

A second town of 7,000 was built for reasons and security on a New Mexico mesa. The third, named Rockland Village, houses 17,000 men, women, and children on the remote banks of the Columbia River in the State of Washington.

None of the people, who came to these developments from homes all the way from Maine to California, had the slightest idea of what they were making in the gigantic government plants”

There are numerous reports of leaks, 1500 in total according to official government papers. One of these leaks includes a naval lieutenant, who observed the top secret project and simply speculated to many individuals that it must be for the creation of an atomic bomb. He was interviewed by journalists and outlined his thoughts. An employee for an engineering firm in New York was engaged in contracting work for the government. After losing top secret papers with regard to the project he ended up losing his job. Other cases of such leaks include sermons given by ministers and information pamphlets, all which outlines the dangers of Uranium 235 and the capacities of the resulting nuclear weapons.

The Manhattan Project Conspiracy Theories

Czar Nicolas II
Czar Nicolas II

For every one true conspiracy, there are numerous fake theories or offshoots. Some theorists contend that there is a different Manhattan Project, relating to an underground bunker in Central Park, New York (aka central park conspiracy theory). Central Park was paid for by the federal government to house the first underground governmental facility. This facility was used to house a number of famous people over the years. Czar Nicolas II has held to have lived and died in the underground facility. After the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, the Czar asked President Wilson for assistance. The Czar and his family were the first to live in this underground facility. U.S Marines flew in and rescued the Czar and his family, who dressed as Jewish immigrants and lived a happy life in the U.S until their death.

Adolf Hitler is also claimed to have lived there after his escape from the U.S. Before the end of the war Hitler contacted President Roosevelt. He would give Roosevelt the atomic bomb the Nazis had been developing and all scientific research and the hiding places of all his top scientists, if he gained political asylum in the U.S. He lived in the Manhattan Project until his peaceful death in 1956. The body found is the bunker by the Soviets in Berlin was that of his double, Gustav Weler.

It is also claimed that aliens found in Roswell, New Mexico, were nursed back to health and lived in the Manhattan Project. They lived happily in their home under Central Park until their death in 1968 and 1969. In return for the assistance, they gave many technologies to the United States, including Teflon, stealth plane technology and radar. Why they had this technology but did not have the capability to travel back to where they came is not clear. Evidence of these theories is allegedly available on the FBI website. Other claims in relation to the Manhattan Project are that it has up to 60 miles of underground roads, contains an underground lake and it is where all the gold of the United States is kept. It is also expanding and growing every since it’s creation in the 1860’s. It is now apparently a city underneath a city.


Atomic Blast

There is no doubt that there was an official, documented project to develop an atomic bomb by the U.S, and its existence was kept a secret, but without much success. This is simple, reasonable, natural and logical. There was a threat, the U.S needed to create a deterrent, and it had to be kept a secret, for a good reason. It would be naive to imagine otherwise. The atomic bomb was used in Hiroshima, in response to an attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. The side conspiracies of a Manhattan Project in Manhattan with an underground bunker is absurd. Why would Marines fly to Russia to protect the Czar? And why would Hitler ask Roosevelt for asylum if he got free of Berlin in the first place, instead of simply moving to Brazil or somewhere remote? There is no basis for these theories, and they can be lumped in the same category of alien reptiles and UFOs.

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