Titanic Conspiracy

Titanic Conspiracy Theories: The Wreck of the Titan

There are a lot of reasons why people come up with conspiracy theories, and most of them are based on myth rather than fact. However, some conspiracy theories hold more weight than others based solely upon the available evidence. In fact, some theories are accepted as fact by the majority of the population, regardless of what the record books say. One of the better known theories is that of the Titanic, the early 20th-century ocean liner that sank on its maiden voyage.

The Conspiracy of the Titanic

The New York Herald reports the Titanic disaster
The New York Herald reports the disaster

Everyone knows the story of the Titanic and most of us have seen James Cameron’s movie. Therefore, we’re already familiar with the story of the Titanic. The story has even been told as a cautionary tale against arrogance and over confidence. The Titanic was the first ship of its kind, deemed to be unsinkable by its passengers and those who built it. There weren’t even enough secondary boats for more than half of the passengers on board. There were also no red safety flares upon the ship which could have been used to signal nearby ships of the sinking Titanic. It seems shameful to cheapen such a tragic event with silly conspiracy theories until you learn that the sinking of the Titanic was the plot for a book published on the first day of 1898 fourteen years earlier.

Conspiracy or Catastrophe

This wreck of the Titanic seems too terrible to have happened by chance. This is why most conspiracy theories are formed for events like the September 11th attacks or the Kennedy assassination, because it’s easier to believe that a conspiracy was responsible for the terrible act. However, the book “The Wreck of the Titan” seems to detail the exact events surrounding the sinking Titanic. The names are even similar, giving legs to the theory that there was something more sinister at work when the Titanic sank. There are other overwhelming similarities between the two sea vessels, leaving a lot of questions about the real ship and the people who built it.

The Titan and the Titanic

Titanic Black and White Image
Titanic in Black & White

Both ships were described as being unsinkable and neither had enough lifeboats for the passengers on board. They both sank in the Northern Atlantic Ocean in April after striking an Iceberg. However, the similarities of the two ships aren’t the most disturbing details surrounding the conspiracy theories. However, the theory would certainly be incomplete without a rich villain with a sinister motive for committing the terrible act.

JP Morgan and the Federal Reserve Bank

Anyone who knows anything about financial institutions is already familiar with the JP Morgan Chase Bank. This is one of the world’s most prominent financial institutions and the largest bank in the US. However, the success of this company was directly related to the founding of the Federal Reserve. This is hardly ample evidence to support a conspiracy theory, but it doesn’t stop there. The Titanic was funded and built by JP Morgan. Mr Morgan was even scheduled to take the journey, but he canceled just before the voyage took place. Among the passengers who did attend the doomed voyage were members of the wealthy Astor family. Jacob Astor IV was the world’s wealthiest man at the time and he was very vocal about his opposition of the Federal Reserve. The conspiracy theory suggests that JP Morgan read “The Wreck of the Titan”, built the Titanic ship and intentionally had it sank. However, it’s this last part of the theory that raises more questions than it answers.

Doubting the theory

Titanic Advertising Poster
Poster Advertising Vinolia Otto Soap for the ca. 1900

Captain Edward Smith was an experienced captain who had made similar voyages in less sturdy vessels. It was his decision that led to the ship’s collision with the iceberg. Therefore, the captain would have needed to be in on the conspiracy to murder more than 2,200 people including himself. If not for the fact that JP Morgan wasn’t at the helm of the ship when it sank, this theory would be practically impervious to doubt. However, it’s difficult to conceive a decorated ship captain killing thousands of people and himself in an effort to help a rich banker. Had Smith survived the wreck, the theory would be much more believable, but JP Morgan had no way of forcing the ship to crash after it sailed for the new world.

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