The Twin Towers on Money Conspiracy

The Twin Towers on Money Conspiracy Theory

Background to the Twin Towers on Money Conspiracy

No other event in the history of the United States has led to more conspiracy theories than the dreadful day our nation was attacked on 09/11/2001. Now there are hundreds of different 911 conspiracy theories, but one that is one of the most interesting is the “20 bill twin towers conspiracy” as it is so named.

Let’s take a look into the folded bills theories a little deeper.

The 20 Dollar Bill Conspiracy

Unsure of the exact origins of this theory, but in 2002 this started popping up in chatrooms and websites across the Internet. The science behind the 20 dollar bill 911 conspiracy is that when folded a certain way, the U.S. twenty dollar bill will form the twin towers on money. Many theorists suggest that this was a sign by  United States government or that it came from a higher power foreshadowing these horrific events.   At, we do not judge the theories presented; we just choose to present them and let the reader make their own decisions based on the information. Follow this tutorial below and see for yourself, make sure you use an old $20 bill.

Step 1 – Fold the bill this way

20 dollar bill twin towers
20 dollar bill twin towers

Step 2 – Next,  fold the bill this way

Make sure that you fold exactly like the picture.

20 dollar bill twin towers fold
Then fold like this

Step 3 – Fold the right side under the same way that you folded the left side

In this picture is the Pentagon on fire as some theorists claim. Check the red circle below to see the alleged 20 dollar bill conspiracy that is the Pentagon ablaze.

$20 Dollar bill showing Twin Towers - Step 3
Step 3 – Fold the other side the same way

Step 4 – Flip your bill

Some people believe that you see a replica of the twin towers after both of the original airplanes struck the towers and before they toppled to the ground.

20 dollar bill 911
Then we have the $20 bill showing 911

More Alleged Proof of the Twin Towers on money in the $5 and $10 bill. See below.

The 5 Dollar Bill Conspiracy

The picture below is of the $5 bill folded the exact same way that the 20 dollar twin towers bill was folded. While the 20 bill twin towers shows the towers after the two planes crashed into the buildings, the $5 conspiracy theory is that it shows both the World Trade Center and the Pentagon BEFORE the attack.

How to fold a 5 dollar bill into the twin towers
5 Dollar Bill – Twin Towers

The 10 Dollar Bill Conspiracy

The $10 money focuses on the building in front of the Twin Towers, as seen in the picture below.

10 dollar bill twin towers
$10 bill folded and showing twin towers again…

The 50 Dollar Bill Conspiracy

What is on the $50 Bill according to theorists? Check out the picture comparison below of the crumbling of one of the Towers to the $50 twin towers picture. According to those who follow these alleged 911 theories.

50 dollar bill conspiracy
$50 bill folded – crumbling of one of the Twin Towers

The 100 Dollar Bill Conspiracy

Last but not least among the conspiracy group is the 100 dollar bill conspiracy that depicts the memorable scene of the smoking tower after the initial collapse. While this is not as a common theory as the 20 dollar bill 911 theory, it still has been linked to these horrible attacks.  Check out the comparison below.

100 dollar bill conspiracy
100 dollar bill conspiracy

100 dollar bill similarity

Additional  9/11 Theories

Besides the folding of the various bills to match the foreshadowing of the most tragic day in the United States history, there are several other theories that have been thrown around over the years that accompany the 911 money theories. Here are a few of the most common ones.

  • The one dollar bill theory, if folded the same as the 20 dollar bill forms a picture of an eagle with its head and wings cut off and upside down. The pyramid on the bottom is a representation of the New World Order or Novus Ordo Seclorum.
  • When looking at the 20 dollar bill Pentagon side, the bill when folded has 5 sides which match up with the Pentagon.
  • Another 911 money theory is that on the side with the World Trade Center, if the two sides are folded together. You will notice the word American and one side and the word United on the other side. These folded symbols together are the two airlines that crashed into the Twin Towers, American and United.

Overall 9/11 conspiracies are the most talked about and discussed of all conspiracies of all-time. Whether it is the twin towers on money or it is the “inside government job”, theorists from almost every angle have presented arguments on these theories.

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