Chicago Cubs 108 Conspiracy Theory

Cubs 108 Conspiracy Theory – The lucky 108’s win the series

After waiting for more than 108 years, the Cubs won The World Series of Baseball in 2016. From this victory sprung the Cubs 108 Conspiracy. There are two branches of the Cubs 108 Conspiracy. The first is related to numerology, the constantly recycled Conspiracy Theory that can be disproven with simple statistics or by being aware as to how patterns actually develop. The second is related to the larger more encompassing Conspiracy Theory, which everything is manipulated and rigged with a veil cast over our eyes.

Cubs 108 Conspiracies Branches

Cubs 108 Conspiracy – Branch One

The first branch of the Cubs Conspiracy centers around the number 108. Essentially because it is associated with the Cubs Victory, links are related to numerology and destiny/fate. The following are facts or pieces of Trivia that can be associated with The Cubs victory in 2016, given by Grant Deporter.

Grant Deporter on Cubs 108
Grant Deporter

Grant Deporter had previously paid $113,000 for a baseball which was used in the Cubs defeat in 2003, to have it destroyed on live television. This was done to eliminate “the Curse of the Billy Goat”. While Deporter focused on the number 108, his previous research concentrated on the number 8.

The following information was cited by Deporter before the Cubs victory.

  • Back to the Future II is a 108-minute long movie. The Cubs win the Series in this movie
  • Taking Care of Business is a 108-minute long movie. The Cubs win the series in this film.
  • There are 108 stitches in a baseball. The first ball was designed by the initial Cubs manager. His office was on 108 W. Madison Street.
  • The Cubs owners made its fortune through TD Ameritrade, which has its headquarters located in Omaha on Avenue 108.
  • Cubs games are broadcasted from a tower that is 108 stories tall.
  • It takes a total of 108 outs to win the World Series.
  • Cubs Pitcher Jon Lester was born in the 108th largest city in the U.S

Deporter also predicted that Baez would hit a home run on pitch 108 against the Giants in the first game of the National League Division Series. Baez then blasted the 3-2 pitch, propelling the Cubs to a 1-0 victory. Deporter says that 108 is a spiritual number and predicted that the Cubs were destined to win. And he was right.

The problem with all such numerology related Conspiracy Theories is as follows. Analyze any data set and you are going to find patterns. Given that the whole of life is a large dataset you are going to find patterns everywhere. There is no concrete evidence to support Deporter other than a random occurrence of the number 108 which is associated with the Cubs. Take any club and analyze the dataset for a significant period of time and you are going to find numerical patterns. You can take any worldwide victory across any sport and associate it with a number and create a conspiracy theory out of it. This is because the dataset is infinite and without parameters. Numbers and patterns are everywhere.

Correlation versus Causation

A well-known fact in Science is that Correlation does not mean Causation. Just because a variable, in this instance 108, is linked to an event, in this instance the Winning of the Series by the Cubs, does not mean that the variable caused the event. What is impressive is that Deporter predicted this confidently on live television. If he repeats something of this nature again, this rationalist will have to start listening to Deporter and delve deeper into Numerology.

Correlation versus Causation

Until then, this can be regarded as a fluke, however impressive. The hallmark of science is that the phenomenon be repeatable and observable, and until that happens it cannot be validated. The Cubs 108 Conspiracy, along with many other conspiracies, could be resolved if it’s proponents simply understood basic patterns and the difference between correlation and causation.

Branch Two

Cubs 108 Related to Freemasons

The second element of the Cubs Conspiracy relates to the general theme of Illuminati Manipulation, symbolism and all events being rigged and known in advance. Proponents may cite the fact that the Baseball pitching corner is akin to the Free Mason Symbol, a sign of mass distraction to the masses. All the games are allegedly rigged from the outset and are saturated with symbols designed to control the subconscious as part of a carefully designed system. Theorists would make reference to the word itself, base meaning low and baal begin a reference to the Phoenician god of fertility. Again the symbolism falls prey to the same illogical assumptions as the numerology. It has no parameters and there are infinite things it could be related to in an infinite dataset. Thus the theories get very wild and non-verifiable. Such as the following:

“The game on the diamond was played out so that the accuser(pitcher) could not rule over man, but the law would. The accuser stands upon the mound 66 gilgul, or the place of the skulls. This is also the same spot as the masonic “G” in the square and compass design. So the accuser stands in the place of God or “Grand Architect” as the masons call it. The accuser’s dominion is the cycles of birth and rebirth, or if you are counting, 60 feet 6 inches. The accuser stands upon the mound to split the accused(batter) in two. He is trying to rule over the batter by accusing the batter. The accusation splits the batter in two.”

Concluding the Cubs 108 Conspiracy

The numerology can be explained with simple statistics and the fact that patterns will be found given an infinite dataset. The symbology is a little more difficult, not because of it’s logical fallacies which are the same as those of numerology but simply because of the regular appearance of the symbols across all areas. On the 26th of June 2016 in a game between the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers on Chicago’s WGN network, Illuminati symbolism flashed up on screen.

This was recorded and uploaded by many viewers. The symbols included the eye, the inverted pentagrams and the hammer and sickle. Again, while correlation does not imply causation, the proliferation of this type of symbolism on live mainstream networks has to be questioned, albeit skeptically.

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