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Government Conspiracies

ISIS Conspiracy: Fake and Created by CIA

ISIS Conspiracy – A CIA front?

Who is ISIS? The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (“ISIS”) is a jihadist fundamentalist militant group following the doctrine of Sunni Islam. ISIS are also know...
Fluoride Conspiracy

Fluoride Conspiracy: Fluoridation The Killer

America Rotting on the Inside Fluoride is a compound found in fluorine and added to public water supplies in order to fight dental cavities. It is added to public water supplies at a rate of one part per million (ppm). The Fluoridation of the water ...
Area 51 Conspiracy Theories

Area 51 Conspiracy Theories

What we are told Area 51 Google Maps viewOne of the worst kept secrets among government agencies was finally revealed by the CIA in 2013, as Area 51 in Ne...
The JFK Conspiracy Theory

The JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory

Background to the JFK Conspiracy Theory JFK in his last few minutesOn November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. It i...