Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy Solved

Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy Theory: Laid to rest

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the North Atlantic Ocean loosely bordered by Florida, Porto Rico and Bermuda. The Bermuda Triangle is a heavily traveled shipping area. The name was first given to the region in 1964 by Vincent Gaddis in a news article. There have been a number of disappearances in the region of both boats and planes. Most official and reputable sources cite the waves and the wind currents as the cause of the unsolved mysteries. However a number of theories have emerged in relation to the Bermuda Triangle, and some of these theories are quite inventive.

Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy Theories

1. Atlantis

The Lost City of Atlantis
The Lost City of Atlantis

The lost city of Atlantis is alleged to be underneath the Bermuda Triangle, and the underground city is what causes the dangerous waves in the area. Plato estimated the lost city of Atlantis to have existed around 9600 BC, proclaiming it to be the greatest city that ever existed. Scuba divers often claim to discover the ruins every couple of years but alleged that their equipment gets lost before someone else watches it. An enormous crystal pyramid is said to attract cosmic rays which lead to the geographical disturbances in the region every now and again. These rays cannot be predicted by human instruments; thus random storms and freak waves destroy planes and ships without prior warning. Rumors of the finding of this crystal within Atlantis have been circulating since the 1960’s when Dr. Ray Brown claimed to have found it while scuba diving. However, his photographic equipment was apparently destroyed in the storm. And he never saw fit to return to the site afterwards, which is highly suspicious. Though thoroughly debunked it still remains popular in paranormal conspiracy circles. This is partly because a formation called the Birmini Road was found in the region, and appears to be man made.

2. ET forces at play

Possibly one of the most popular theory about the Bermuda Triangle. Despite no actual evidence of Aliens, the alleged sightings and general belief in the existence of Extra-Terrestrials seems to be growing. And they are naturally linked to numerous conspiracy theories. Extra-Terrestrials love testing human subjects, and this is supposed to be their favorite spots to abduct humans. They also have the ability to teleport debris and other objects, which explains why none is found. Some Bermuda Triangle theorists have even gone so far as to call the area “star gate”. This is tied into another theory, that the Bermuda Triangle is an Inter-dimensional Port which planes and boats fall through every now and again. Some have even speculated that the boats and ships are swallowed by wormholes and these wormholes open into the anti-matter counterparts of our world. Others claim that the portals are not inter-dimensional portals but are actually time portals, leading to different times in the existence of earth.

As far fetched as the Aliens theory is, it did begin with a strange occurrence in the Bermuda Triangle. In December 1945 a torpedo bomber named Flight 19 disappeared in curious circumstances. Flight 19 was the 19th flight of the same route in 19 days. It was a routine exercise for dropping bombs, the previous 18 having gone without incident. For unknown reasons the main pilot became convinced that the compass was not working correctly. They became disorientated and radioed in that they were lost. They were never seen or found, and it is assumed that they must have run out of fuel and crashed. This was what started the initial theory of Extra-Terrestrial activity in the area. While most theorists suggest that the malfunctioning compasses are the result of Extra-Terrestrial forces, many scientists have pointed out that there are a number of regions on earth where the compass does not actually point North. And the Bermuda Triangle is one of them. Thus when pilots claim that their compasses are going haywire it is not actually anything out of the ordinary but a common phenomenon in the Bermuda Triangle.

3. The American Military

No conspiracy theory is complete without an appearance from an American military or intelligence organization. America did in fact build a base in the Bermuda Triangle in the 1950’s. It is contended that the results of the experiments carried out by this underground research facility involves paranormal activity which in turn leads to interference with navigation controls.

4. A Comet


A comet (now a meteorite, as all comets which survive a crash are termed) crashed into the ocean floor of the Atlantic over 10,000 years ago. It now resides at the bottom of the sea. The magnetic waves emitted from this ancient comet are held to interfere with navigational components in air and naval vessels, which is what caused so many crashes in the region. Other lesser known theories in relation to the Bermuda Triangle include methane hydrate Deposits, pirates and gravitational fields, each of which are a little more down to earth but which still do not stand up to scrutiny.

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle: Put to rest

Hexagonal Cloud Air Bombs
Hexagonal Cloud Air Bombs

One conspiracy theory which might actually be true about the Bermuda Triangle is that it does not really exist. The area experiences higher volumes that other regions in terms of air and naval traffic. It is an area where compasses are known to malfunction. Coupled with a somewhat dangerous geographical characteristics, it does not really seem that dangerous compared to similar areas on a statistical basis. The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has been more or less solved. The region has hexagonal clouds which create air bombs of up to 170 mph, formed by what are known as micro bursts. When these micro bursts hit the ocean they can cause huge waves. And there is little hope of finding the wreckage of the planes and boats. The Puerto Rico Trench is over 8000 meters deep. On top of this the Gulf Stream passes through Trench, acting like a river to carry and dissolve debris to different locations.

However, now that everyone has heard of the Bermuda Triangle, anytime that there is an accident of some sort it will receive media attention. In other words the Bermuda Triangle is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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